Vistity is a central hub for all kinds of relevant and captivating data and content. Customers can easily integrate their datasets from Citylight, their floorplans from SightMap, relevant neighborhood data from mySidewalk, and all manner of amazing content from YouTube and Vimeo.

If you’re a Citylight customer, this is the integration for you. All the POIs managed in your district’s database can be easily displayed and explored within Vistity, with just a few clicks. No need to manage multiple datasets – your Vistity tour will mirror the most up-to-date information in your Citylight database.

With our Google Places Integration users can simply import businesses from Google, as Vistity Points-of-Interests, all without leaving the Vistity Platform. Adding POIs to your tours has never been easier!

With our mySidewalk marker, mySidewalk customers are able to easily and natively incorporate their district’s datasets and data visualizations into their Vistity tour. With the combination of powerful datasets and an unparalleled visual experience, Vistity and mySidewalk customers are putting their best foot forward.

Discover how the widget revolutionizes city analytics by providing detailed visitor trends and behaviors, segmented by zip code. Gain insights into the dynamic flow of your urban landscape. It’s automated and easy. Plus it’s free for customers.

SightMap offers the ability to explore and interact with floorplans for residential buildings all over the country. Through our integration, Vistity users can explore a building, find the unit they like at the right price, and apply to lease, all through our platform!

Easily embed a video from Vimeo to give users an even more immersive experience. Just copy and paste the Vimeo ID, and the video will play right in the Vistity explorer.

Content is king, and there’s a lot of content on YouTube. Embed any video to your virtual tour to provide additional content, context, and information!

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