Unit Plans & Leasing

Vistity is now integrated with SightMap by Engrain.

SightMap is the industry-leading platform for showcasing multifamily unit availability, pricing and floor plans. Using SightMap, property owners and managers create interactive sitemap for use in leasing, touring, marketing, operations and asset management.

Our SightMap marker can be added into any Vistity tour to allow for a fully integrated experience. Potential renters can explore and be directed right to a leasing portal directly from Vistity.

Embed SightMap links into Vistity

The SightMap by Engrain integration is already built into the Vistity editor. If you are a SightMap user, you can embed your building’s SightMap link into the Vistity tour. Just copy and paste your SightMap link into the Vistity Editor.

Create SightMap

Once you’ve embedded the SightMap  link into the Visitity Editor it will show up as a SightMap Content Marker. Visitity’s custom SightMap Content Marker can be placed on any building within a Vistity tour that uses SightMap.

View SightMap
Floor Plans

Once a user clicks on the SightMap Content Marker, the building’s floor plan will appear in a modal window, and the user can explore all available units for rent.

Apply for a
rental unit

Once the user chooses a particular unit, they can look at the unit’s floor plan, see when the unit is available, click to the leasing website, and apply for a rental.

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