Now you can easily embed mySidewalk reports & data into the Vistity Platform, sharing demographic data and property-related information in context! 

embed mysidewalk
dashboard into vistity

Vistity has a branded content marker built right  in! It’s easy to use, simply embed mySidewalk dashboard links into the Vistity editor. Just copy and paste the URL for the mySidewalk dashboard.

Create Mysidewalk Marker

Once you’ve embedded the mySidewalk link into the Visitity Editor, it will show up as a mySidewalk Content Marker. Whenever a user clicks the marker, the most current data will fetch from MySidwalk.

view your mysidewalk dashboard

Once a user clicks on the mySidewalk Content Marker, the mySidewalk Dashboard will appear in a window, right inside your Vistity tour. Users can view & interact with the mySidewalk Dashboard all without leaving the Vistity Tour!

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