Our Story

Vistity has grown into a solution for downtowns, districts and destinations around the world— but it started as a very special project for one great city: Los Angeles.

Our story

A Tale of One City

During the onset of COVID-19, the Los Angeles Downtown Center BID asked us to help rethink their economic development strategy, which previously focused on in-person tours. While we knew a virtual tour would be the best option, we found that none of the available platforms provided the vibrant, immersive experience of a live visit. We’re designers at our core, and we know that creating a beautiful, simple, modern user experience would be a total game changer. And it seems like we were right.

Before Vistity, the best we could build was based on fuzzy satellite images, unreliable street views, and cumbersome content management. It was clear that existing virtual tour software was missing a huge opportunity. So we created a better platform to bring the real world online.

With an aesthetically driven interface and intuitive UX, an easy to use content management system, and utilizing custom drone imagery, Vistity is redefining the possibilities for immersive, interactive virtual tours of places. Since the first Vistity tour won the IDA Pinnacle award in 2021, Vistity has been adopted by major destinations across the United States and Europe. New tours are launching every month — will your city be next?

Team Members

President & founder

Jamie Schwartzman

Jamie has over 20 years of experience in the placemaking sector. In addition to being founder of Vistity, he is also the founder and chief creative strategist at Flux Branding, a branding agency focused on crafting identities for developments and destinations. Jamie applies his fluency in creative direction and brand strategy to ensure Vistity is optimized to tell the story of each destination in the most engaging, effective way.

Francesco Zani

Product Manager

Francesco Zani

As head of product management, Francesco oversees the Vistity development team in constantly expanding and improving the platform. An accomplished webmaster with a background in web development and UX design, Francesco ensures the Vistity experience is the best it can be for both end users and tour creators.

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