This integration allows Citylight by Geocentric customers to import information directly from their Citylight content management system into Vistity. With this integration, you don’t have to worry about inputting information twice– easily turn your Citylight venues into Vistity POIs with just a few clicks.

Import Content
from Citylight

The Citylight integration is already built into the Vistity editor. If you are a customer of Citylight, you can import points of interest from your Citylight CMS. Pick a spot on the map, set the radius, and all Citylight content in that area will appear.

Create POI Marker

Once you’ve imported the information, it will show up as a Vistity POI marker in your tour. Markers fall into different categories, each with an associated icon, which reveals more information on click.

Check out your POI

Click the POI marker to expand information in a modal window. The “INFO” description contains all the information imported from Citylight organized into distinct fields– there’s no need for you to input anything yourself.

Citylight events

If your Citylight information includes upcoming events for a specific location, the Vistity POI description will show an “EVENT” tab. Clicking on this tab will show a gallery of all events, automatically imported from Citylight.

Citylight single
event display

Users can select an individual event to discover more information, all without leaving the Vistity tour.

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