An Immersive Downtown Richmond

Venture Richmond faced a challenge: their existing mapping technology fell short in capturing the district’s dynamic growth and appeal. They needed a superior, engaging solution to showcase their expansive district, including the vibrant Manchester area. Vistity stepped in to transform how Richmond’s economic development and cultural richness were presented digitally, offering a fresh and compelling perspective to attract attention and investment.


Venture Richmond

Neighborhoods Profiled
  • Riverfront
  • Financial District
  • Shockoe Slip
  • Shockoe Bottom
  • City Center
  • Monroe Ward
  • Jackson Ward
  • Manchester

The Vistity Strategy

Our strategic plan was to bring Richmond’s diversity to life by showcasing eight distinct neighborhoods. We spotlighted 32 key venues using original high-resolution drone imagery, creating an immersive and detailed visual journey. This approach was designed not just to map locations but to tell the story of each area and venue, illustrating Richmond’s unique character and ongoing development.

Targeting a Diverse Audience

Our focus: attract investors, businesses, and tourists by presenting a dynamic, evolving Richmond through a compelling digital narrative.

Dynamic Digital Storytelling

We delivered a suite of tools: 360-degree drone images, captivating aerial videos, and detailed profiles of hundreds of points of interest, all enriched with data and narratives from Venture Richmond’s economic reports. Vistity provides a comprehensive, engaging view of the district's landscape, progress, and potential, making it more than just a map. It’s an immersive digital showcase of Richmond’s vibrancy and growth— positioning Downtown Richmond as a forward-thinking district ready for business.

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