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The River District is an emerging neighborhood on the northern rim of Downtown Sacramento. Established as hub for distribution in the early 1900s, the area is now undergoing a revitalization and transformation into a mixed-use residential and commercial district with an emphasis on green innovation and sustainability. With these assets, it ranks as one of the City of Sacramento’s best performing economic engines, generating almost $2 million in annual sales tax revenue.The River District engaged vistity to tell the story of this transfromating and dynamic district.

Neighborhoods Profiled
  • Two Rivers
  • Innovation District
  • Growers District

The Strategy

The goal was to position the River District as a hub for sustainable, green innovation and a home for creatives and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and use vistity primarily as a driver of economic development and investment.





Historically an Industrial Powerhouse

The area now known as the River District was once an isolated area, cut off from the surrounding area by railroad tracks, levees and rivers. Yet the proximity to rail, road & water created an industrial powerhouse, the warehouses and distribution centers located here utilized the railroad and rivers to ship agricultural goods from the fertile Sacramento Valley to the rest of the country and beyond. Making it a hub of economic growth.

Reach Your Target Audience

River District was focusing on a diverse audience. They wanted to showcasing their district to Developers, Investors, Businesses, Site Selectors & Fam Tours , Relocations & Moving, as well as Consumers & Tourists.

Developers reviewing plans
Family moving in

Highlight New Developments Coming to Your District

Today, The River District is home to a variety of business interests including wholesale, retail, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment and services. With the goal of promoting this district as a place of innovation and a home for creatives and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, The River District BID used our Before and After marker to highlight all the new development that is transforming this District. Ranging from residential to entertainment.

16th st

Dynamic Digital Storytelling

We delivered a suite of tools: 360-degree drone images, captivating aerial videos, and detailed profiles of hundreds of points of interest, all enriched with data and narratives from Venture Richmond’s economic reports. Vistity provides a comprehensive, engaging view of the district's landscape, progress, and potential, making it more than just a map. It’s an immersive digital showcase of Richmond’s vibrancy and growth— positioning Downtown Richmond as a forward-thinking district ready for business.

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